Roll Back

Roll Back


The roll back trailer was designed to give the customer greater flexibility and safety by rolling a fully loaded container of 20-plus tonnes to unload or load via a dock.

  • B-double set design comprises an A-trailer rollback and B-double rear retractable giving the customer the option to disconnect the A-trailer when reaching their destination making it possible to dock and load from both the A-trailer and B-trailer
  • B-trailer retractable has been designed to retract or extend with a fully loaded 20’ container
  • A-trailer roll back includes heavy duty power pack, supported by two heavy duty batteries with a number of charging options such as solar panel or Anderson plug. Batteries are charged by the trailer lighting system.
  • Container position on the B-trailer can be adjusted with twistlocks to suit 1 x 40’, 2 x 20’ and 1 x 20’ containers
  • Payload capacity can be tailored to suit your needs; our engineering staff strive to maximise payload through container positioning
  • Remote control pendant allows the operator to stand clear with full vision whilst rolling the body forward or backward. Remote is stored in a waterproof lockable box when not in use


Krueger Transport Equipment continues to invest in and expand its manufacturing capacity due to the demand for quality Australian made trailers. Trusted by companies big and small, from national linehaul operators to modest family businesses, Krueger continues to refine and develop its capacity to design and build the most productive, hard wearing and long lasting trailers in the market.

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