RFS Suspension

Suspensions designed, built and tested solely for Australian conditions

Krueger has developed the only Australian-made suspension, specifically designed for Australian road conditions.

To increase customers’ bottom line, Krueger offers smarter, simpler technology that is lighter, cheaper and easier to install without any compromise to safety and quality. It has successfully been operating in Australia on more than 1,000 semi trailers for over 10 years now, and has been certified as ‘Road Friendly Suspension’ since 2000. It is the only air suspension for a trailer, which is made for Australian conditions!

New and improved 2020 MK5 release

Proud to announce high performance, low maintenance suspension package.

For more than two decades, Krueger Transport Equipment has continuously developed the company owned Road Friendly Suspension to help fleets better manage Australia’s harsh operating conditions with gear that allows for optimal tare weight and improved equipment longevity. This suspension is backed by a comprehensive nationwide after sales support network.

Drum brake

The drum brake Road Friendly Suspension option features a 20-inch general purpose axle in a parallel bearing combination with quick change brake shoes. The drum is enclosed in a 10-stud hub.

Steerable axle

Krueger’s steerable axle configuration is optimised for vehicle manoeuverability without compromising tare weight or equipment durability. The range includes four 20-inch self steering axles including quick change brake shoes.

Features & Benefits

  • Axle now available in disc brake / drum brake includes 1 million km bearing warranty
  • Bearing combination inner and outer bearing both the same large diameter
  • Bearing lubricant high performance synthetic semi guild fluid grease
  • Light weight alloy hub including comet plus preset bearing system with high torque axle nut
  • Outboard brake drum / quick change brake shoes reduces maintenance time

New latest product release

High Performance Suspension/Axle Package

Road friendly suspension options

  • 350 diameter air operate at lower air pressure / increase service life
  • Catch strap fitted to all axle increase shocker absorbers service life
  • Krueger has selected only the best in world class supplier to manufacture component parts ( shocker absorbers / parabolic spring / air bag ) which are European manufactured
  • Krueger-owned workshop plus Brown and Hurley for product support
  • Two decades of experience in air bag suspension design for Australian road conditions has lead Krueger to release this very competitive package when compared with other brands

Disc brake axle

This disc brake axle configuration is a lighter-weight option which is specified for specific transport applications, featuring three 20-inch disc brakes and the latest Road Friendly Suspension innovations.

1 Million KM bearing warranty

Krueger designed the 1 million kilometre warranty Road Friendly Suspension model to enhance linehaul fleet requirements, emphasising reliability and long-term durability. It is available with steel or alloy hubs. The hub has preset bearings, synthetic semi-fluid lubricant requiring reduced service frequency.

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