Quality, dependability and durability epitomise the latest generation of Krueger Transport Equipment’s dry freight vans rolling out across Australia.

Krueger’s latest series of dry vans were on show at the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show. Fleet interchangeability with road train, Performance-Based Standards (PBS) and other straight body combinations are easily achieved thanks to the variety of configurations available to the operators.

The dry freight range includes straight bodies – 34-pallet B-doubles (12-pallet roll-back ‘A’ / 22-pallet ‘B’), 36-pallet B-double (14-pallet roll-back ‘A’ / 22-pallet ‘B’), 24-pallet van trailer, 26-pallet van trailer as well as road train combinations (22-pallet vans and tandem dolly) and PBS configurations (A-doubles).

Managing Director and founder, John Krueger, says the dry vans are dependable and durable which is synonymous with the Krueger name.

“Krueger chassis are manufactured with Australian made high tensile steel,” he says. “Our dry van builds also feature heavy duty flooring, threshold plate options for forklift and pallet trolley loading.”

John adds that the range will be reviewed regularly to ensure it meets market requirements and new models will be introduced as required.

The 2021 Brisbane Truck Show also served as the perfect opportunity for the family owned and operated enterprise to listen to what the industry needs while also promoting the extensive variety of Krueger semi-trailer designs and builds currently on offer.

Ultimately, for reliable dry freight vans to go the distance, Krueger banks on high performance suspension and axle packages for metropolitan, highway and off-highway applications. Options vary from 9,000kg suspension per axle for highway to 12,000kg heavy duty for Western Australia conditions as well as rear-mounted shock absorbers for disc brakes, shock absorbers for catch straps and axle lifts.

A unique proposition that sees Krueger Transport Equipment stand out as an engineering pioneer and solution provider in the trailer building space is its two-plus-decade commitment to developing and producing its own Road Friendly Suspension (RFS). Optimised for low tare weight and improved equipment longevity, RFS is the ideal choice for truck-trailer combinations operating under Australia’s most rigorous applications and demanding environments.

The dry freight vans that Krueger manufacture can also be customised for dedicated freight tasks. This gives fleets the power to invest in technology and equipment that is purpose built to increase productivity and efficiency gains.

“Dry freight vans built for food distribution purposes, for example, come with options for heavy duty full-length flooring and a reinforced threshold plate to accommodate forklift and pallet trolley loading,” John says. “Extras include options for roller or hinged doors and tail gates.”

As for providing consistent quality workmanship, Krueger Transport Equipment is reliant on high-tech equipment and specifies the best Australian-made high tensile steel to manufacture trailer chassis.

“Our computer-controlled steel cutting equipment, our auto main rail welding machine and our rotary jigs ensure we deliver perfect welds for maximum durability every time,” John says.

For more than 40 years, Krueger Transport Equipment’s expertise in technical development and manufacturing has resulted in the production of remarkably versatile trailers that deliver peak operational performance.

In addition to its impressive manufacturing prowess, the trailer builder also provides onsite and emergency vehicle support as well as a dedicated spare parts division to ensure Australia’s fleets remain busy and productive.

“Krueger provides full technical service and parts support via a dedicated Australia-wide network,” John says. “We are committed, more than ever, to strengthening our customer relationships through innovative customer service covering the needs of our industry from top to bottom for all our clients’ trailer requirements.”

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