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Trailer Transport

Krueger is not just another one of Australia’s trailer transport companies.

We are a market leader in providing quality new and used semi trailer solutions to the transport industry. We provide a complete trailer transport solution. For example an impressive range of semi’s for sale or hire that not only last a long time but also have a higher resale value.

Our family-owned business has a history of quality and innovation, from providing customised solutions to an extensive range of clients with differing requirements, such as TNT, Tolls, and Linfox. Krueger has a well-deserved reputation for a hands-on approach and exceptional customer service.

Transport solutions

Technology and Innovation

The company produces products designed to handle the toughest freight conditions to meet today’s transportation needs, using advanced computer design aids, with hi-tech manufacturing facilities. The entire range has been engineered and developed to meet the very demanding performance criteria expected by the Australian Transport Industry when a business wants to transport a trailer.

With approved consultation with operators and creating a customised solution to meet their needs, Krueger has developed many time and cost saving features, which have now been adopted as nationwide industry standards. Trailer transport companies will come and go, but we have been in business for over 30 years.

With staff Australia-wide, Krueger are well positioned to service clients needing trailer transport interstate or all over Australia.

New Trailers

We offer a quality range of new semi’s, using advanced computer design aids, with hi-tech manufacturing facilities, designed to handle the toughest Australian freight conditions. All Krueger standard quality features are deliberately included, to create a product designed to keep productivity high and operating costs low. As a leading trailer transport company, we demand and expect high standards of product and performance from our team.

Used Trailers

Krueger has a growing reputation for providing a quality range of used semi’s, which are inspected and tested to ensure reliability and peace of mind for the client. All our products are refurbished in the company’s workshops before being presented for sale. Our used semi ‘s always have a higher resale value, due to the demand for their own manufactured equipment. Clients are encouraged to register their interest for a used semi and we will contact them when a suitable solution becomes available.

Trailer Service and Repairs

Through its three branches, located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Krueger offers quality service and repairs. We also provide servicing for its range via agents in South Australia and Western Australia. The state-of-the-art workshops are ideally positioned for fast and easy access, undertaking trailer services, repairs, insurance work and both minor and major refurbishments. As one of Australia’s largest manufacturers, Krueger offers quality service and repair work.

Advantage Trailer Rentals

The Krueger Group’s Advantage Semi Trailer Rentals company are the leading company for semi hire in Melbourne and Australia-wide, with branches in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. To transport a trailer, semi trailer hire is definetly a viable and affordable option, often utilised by customers with short term or long term needs for time-orientated jobs. The company boasts a quality fleet of semi’s, including curtain siders, skeletals and drop deck/ flat top solutions. All equipment is roadworthy and serviced by a qualified mechanic for trailer transport interstate. As the manufacturer of the product, Krueger’s Advantage Semi-Trailer Rentals can guarantee reliable and well-maintained equipment.

For more information on all our products and services, please call Krueger today on 03 9366 2133, or submit an online form.