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Space Inflators

Responding to Australia’s growing freight task, trailer expert KRUEGER has now completed the development of its new drop deck 36-pallet combo b-double. this new high-cubic capacity combination may just hold the key to utilising every bit of space possible.

Innovation has always been the driving force at Krueger Transport Equipment, a company that has established itself as one of Australia’s leading trailer manufacturers over the past 40 years. In terms of design, the family-owned business is never one to shy away from thinking outside the box. Founder John Krueger has always set a high standard for both engineering and build quality, which is reflected throughout the Krueger team.

“The commercial road transport market is changing all the time and we need to evolve our designs in line with that development,” says Grant Krueger, National Sales Manager. “Whether it’s a new trailer design or modernising an existing one, Krueger is prepared to push the boundaries when it comes to innovation.”

Krueger’s latest offering is a new B-double drop deck Kurtainer model, the 36-Pallet Combo, which has been developed at the company’s new Truganina site in Victoria. The B-double is another landmark design Krueger can add to its growing portfolio.“Our history speaks for itself – think of accomplishments like our huge range of curtain-siders, our Lock’N Load buckleless system, the recent upgrade to our auto mezzanine deck solution or OH&S milestones like the ever popular ‘Slide-aGate’ system and our innovative Krueger load restraint curtain system, which helped industry become safer and more efficient.”

According to Krueger, the new model was designed in part to cope with customer expectations changing. “We were fascinated with the idea of the high-cube solution, as it can provide fleet operators the ability to give a higher payload and increase operational efficiency.”

The new trailer design features an outer perimeter gooseneck main rail construction, which will maximise cubic space in the “There is now more length and height available throughout the trailer for the operator to work with, as well as a more clearance for a safe connection between prime mover and trailer.” double drop section of both trailers. “This set-up will give the customer an increase in productivity,” Grant explains. “There is now more internal length and height available throughout the trailer for the operator to work with, as well as a more clearance for a safe connection between prime mover and trailer.”

Other optional features available for the new Combo design are Krueger’s patented ‘Slide-a-Gate’ hanging gate system and its popular Lock ‘n’ Load carbon-fibre buckleless load restraint curtain system. “A standard drop deck combination can only give you space for 34 pallets, but this latest 36-pallet combination provides an additional two pallet spaces. This will allow the operator to load 14 pallets in the A-trailer and 22 pallets in the B-trailer, while still maintaining the 20.6m rule for 26m overall,” says Grant. “By loading more, the operator can make the most of each run, which can potentially mean more profits at the end of the day.”

But, the new drop deck 36 Pallet Combo isn’t the only new design Krueger’s clients can look forward to. “We can also offer a Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved model, which is available in a drop deck configuration and in a double drop set up at 4.6m high,” Grant says.

“The 4.6m design, in particular, allows for maximum, full height loading with the option for both normal and mass loading, with no 10 per cent payload reduction applicable.” The high cubic drop decks will also feature Krueger’s renowned load restraint curtain system, which can improve freight containment by eliminating load shift without the need for conventional gates.

“The curtains are constructed using lightweight, high strength materials with carbon fibre sections integrated into the curtain structure,” Grant says. “It will work seamlessly with the drop decks as the curtains are fully-tested with single pallets and double stacked pallets. They also meet and exceed the government requirements for side load restraint, which means strapping down the load with load binders is optional for uniform pallet cargo.

It will help our clients remain competitive in an increasingly tough marketplace and achieve measurable growth that results in greater profit for their operations.” Overall, Krueger’s new drop deck 36-Pallet Combo B-double represents another milestone in what already is a long list of innovative achievements. Not only is the drop deck combination a capable solution to tackling Australia’s growing freight task, it also gives fleet operators a trailer that can maximise pallet space, while still operating under strict OH&S guidelines.