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RFS Suspension

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Suspensions Designed, Built and Tested Solely for Australian Conditions

Krueger has developed the only Australian-made suspension, specifically designed for Australian road conditions.

To increase customers’ bottom line, Krueger offers smarter, simpler technology that is lighter, cheaper and easier to install without any compromise to safety and quality. It has successfully been operating in Australia on more than 1,000 semi trailers for over 10 years now, and has been certified as ‘Road Friendly Suspension’ since 2000. It is the only air suspension for a trailer, which is made for Australian conditions!

First Australian Made RFS Suspension

Being wholly Australian-owned, RFS work closely with their customers to develop new designs, both tested and developed under local conditions, in a much shorter time frame than imported brands can offer. RFS Road Friendly Suspension System carries the stamp of Government approval, under the Federal Government ADR requirements.

RFS Highly Competitive Suspension Systems

The RFS Suspension is suited to any brand of cambered axle and has many low tare features that are better or match any competitor products. Krueger has proven that camber axles increase tyre life. The RFS Air Suspension design accepts a cambered axle, which is held in a U-bolt. As a result the axle is easily removed (unlike other brands which are unsuited to cambered axles) saving you costly re-fitment maintenance charges. It all adds up to more payload and improved tyre life, to increase your margins. The RFS Air Suspension also comes as standard, with many new features such as ‘easy align’, which means a wheel alignment can now be adjusted in minutes.

General Features

  • Spring arms, manufactured in Germany
  • Air Springs are Firestone
  • Dampeners are Koni heavy-duty, designed specifically for semi trailers.
  • Dampeners’ studs are M24 alloy steel.
  • Height control valve is Wabco fast acting.
  • Air fittings are push-in type, zero leak Roufoss.
  • Axle saddles are cast steel to Australian Standards AS2074.
  • U-bolts are M24 hardened and tempered to ISO standard 898-1 class 10.9
  • Precisely machined zinc plated wheel alignment cams
  • Fits all axles (BPW, York, LMS Dana and K-Hitch)

MK VI Features

Features Benefits
One Piece Pressed Hanger
  • Eliminates welding and any potential cracking
  • Improved pivot bolt clamping
  • Reduced tare weight
  • Consistent manufacturing tolerances
  • Built-in provision for wheel alignment
  • Symmetrical hanger for even loading
Narrow Hanger Foot Print
  • Allows the hanger to be fully welded, directly to main rail flange
  • No packers or additional gussets are required
  • Hanger loading is symmetrically transferred to the main rail, eliminating any potential twist loading
Bolt-on Mudguard Brackets
  • Easily installed and/or replaced
  • Multi-hole adjustment to achieve the desired tyre clearance


  • Mono-leaf suspension rated at 9.0 tonne per module
  • Heavy duty suspension rated at 11.0 tonne per module
  • Ride height ranges from 200 to 500mm
  • Axle lift
  • Raise / lower valve
  • Air weighing gauge

Technical, Service and Parts Support

The RFS Air Suspension is backed by a team of engineers, involved in developing the product and numerous improvements, which have taken place over the years. The RFS Air Suspension is also strongly backed by the Krueger Service and Parts network in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and the associated dealerships in Adelaide and Perth.

If it is about spare parts or even load restraints, semi trailer hire or if you are looking to buy a used semi trailer or any of your other freight trailer needs then call Krueger on 03 8331 6100 or enquire online.