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Quality Range of Prairie Wagons

Australian transport industry and it is ideal for the transport of a range of different freight, including steel coils, timber, paper reels and more.

Prairie Wagon Mark II Model

Since the release of the original Prairie Wagon, Krueger launched a Mark II model in 2004, which offers further productivity gains. The new design includes inverted tie down lashing rails, along the full length of the trailer. This benefit allows the operator to now carry freight two pallets wide, which effectively doubles the trailer’s productivity, by allowing cartage of all types of palletized cargo to the legal maximum capacity.


  • More weight savings; utilising lightweight aluminium components, to allow for maximum payloads.
  • More flexibility; with the addition of the automatically operated extendable rear wall.
  • More variety; ideally suited to the transport of most freight.
  • More convenience; available as either an A & B combination, or as a single rear trailer.
  • More capacity; able to carry freight two pallets wide using the full width of the trailer.
  • More productivity; access to the load in minutes, due to the concertina curtain design and ‘Easy Glide’ roller.
  • More fuel savings; the full length wind bubble and unique curtain tensioning ratchet, ensures minimal wind drag.
  • Maximum on board freight; up to 4.3 metres in height, avoiding any loss of internal freight capacity.
  • Optional choice; choice of the range of optional fitments.


  • 45′, 48′ and 53′ Prairie Wagons
  • 24′ ‘A’ Lead Prairie Wagon
  • 44’6″ ‘B’ Rear Prairie Wagon


  • Aluminium Extruded Floor
  • Aluminium Wheels
  • Aluminium Scissor Bows
  • Rear Doors
  • Pneumatic Controlled Retractable Rear Frame (A & B Trailer)
  • Retract-a-Steps


Krueger are a leader in the Australian trailer industry and if you would like to know anymore about its products and services then please phone 03 8331 6100 or enquire online.