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Krueger’s Range of New Semi Trailers for Sale

Krueger offers a quality range of new semi trailers for sale, the result of over 30 years of experience within the Australian transport industry.

Using advanced computer design aids, with hi-tech manufacturing facilities, Krueger produces trailers designed to handle the toughest freight conditions to meet today’s transportation needs. The entire range has been engineered and developed to meet the very demanding performance criteria now expected by the Australian transport industry.

Through consulting with operators and creating customised solutions to meet their requirements, Krueger has developed many time and cost saving features, which have now been adopted as industry standards. All Krueger standard quality features are purposely built in to create a freight trailer designed to keep productivity high and operating costs low.

Product Range

Krueger has a range of new semi trailers, including curtain siders, skeletals, drop decks or flat tops and prairie wagons, to suit different freight requirements. Most freight trailers can be purchased as either a single trailer or a B Double combination with ‘A’ lead and ‘B’ rear trailers. There are also numerous options which can be fitted to all models.


Krueger is always willing to take trade-ins on new deals, especially on Krueger products. Krueger always has a large range of used trailers, including many different brand names.

Curtain siders

Curtain siders are ideally suited for the transportation of general palletised freight that requires protection from the elements whilst being engineered to maximise productivity through low tare features and effective load restraint solutions.



Skeletals are designed to work hard on the waterfronts carting shipping containers and are engineered to provide low tare weight and maximum payload capacity.


Drop Decks/Flat Tops

Krueger offers a quality range of drop decks and flat tops, which are ideal for the transportation of general freight as well as odd, bulky items such as machinery, steel and agricultural products.


Prairie Wagons

The prairie wagon is versatile and ideal for the transport of a range of different freight, including steel coils, timber, paper reels and more.


Rigid Bodies

Rigid Bodies are ideally suited for metropolitan deliveries where loading clearance is limited. The rigid body is an affordable solution for many operators.



For more information contact Krueger on 03 8331 6100 or enquire online.