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Quality Range of Curtain siders

Curtain siders are ideally suited for the transportation of general palletised freight, which requires protection from the elements. Curtain siders are engineered to maximise productivity through low tare features and effective load restraint solutions.


There are two models of curtain siders; the straight chassis and the drop deck (including double drop) chassis, with many options to choose from.

Straight Chassis

  • 45′, 48′, and 53′ Straight Kurtainers
  • 24′ ‘A’ Lead Straight and 44’6″ ‘B’ Rear Straight Kurtainers
  • Rolling Body ‘A’ Lead Straight Kurtainer

Drop Deck Chassis

  • 45′, 48′ and 53′ Drop Deck Kurtainers
  • 24′ ‘A’ Lead Drop Deck and 44’6″ ‘B’ Rear Drop Deck Kurtainers
  • Rolling Body ‘A’ Lead Drop Deck Kurtainer(Double Drop Chassis also available in above Drop Decks)


Curtain sider semi trailers have several options available, to suit the specific freight requirements.

  • Load Restraint Curtains (Load Restraint Certified)
  • Slide-a-Gates (Load Restraint Certified)
  • Mezzanine Decks
  • Racking Systems
  • Aluminium Extruded Flooring
  • Fork Lift Rated Flooring
  • Fully Insulated
  • Joloda Flooring
  • Aluminium Rims
  • Aluminium Gates
  • Centre Wall Dividers
  • Inboard Gate Pockets
  • Wedge Roof
  • Pop Top Roof
  • Convertible Kurtainer (to operate to both 4.3m and 4.6m heights)
  • Chain Driven or Roller Floor
  • Cargo Track
  • Ultra Low Neck for maximum internal aperture
  • Road Train Kit
  • Retract-a-Steps

Load Restraint Slide-a-Gates

Load Restraint Slide-a-Gates eliminate the time, effort and workplace safety issues associated with removing the trailer’s side gates during unloading and then replacing them once the freight is loaded. The Slide-a-Gate system is also load restraint rated up to 27 tonne payload, on a typical 45′ curtain sider.

Load Restraint Curtain

This unique design improves freight containment whilst eliminating load shift. It is constructed using lightweight, high strength materials with carbon fibre sections integrated into the curtain structure. It has been fully tested with single pallets and double stacked pallets and meets and exceeds the Australian government requirements for side load restraint which means no gates and strapping down the load with load binders is optional for uniform pallet cargo.


For more information phone the semi trailer experts at Krueger on 03 8331 6100 or enquire online.