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Passing The Test

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Passing The Test

Deciding on new equipment is never easy, especially when a long-term investment is on the line. Fortunately for Queensland’s MJ Logistics, the company was aff orded the opportunity to test Krueger’s Lock’n’Load curtain-siders before purchasing three of them.

Operating out of Brisbane’s busy industrial suburb of Acacia Ridge, MJ Logistics has grown substantially since Managing Director John McQueen and son Michael co-founded it in 2002. Today, the young company is arguably one of Brisbane’s most successful third party warehousing and transport businesses – running a diverse fleet of 20 trailers that includes curtainsided semitrailers as well as a selection of rigids, flat tops, skels and side-loaders; some of them used in B-double and B-triple configuration.

Not long ago, MJ Logistics won a contract to carry freight on behalf of Schweppes, which meant additional transport equipment was needed to look after the renowned beverage company. “When we started looking at a number of potential manufacturers to build new equipment in May ‘13, our objective was to bring in a trailer with a low tare weight and enough flexibility to accommodate more weight,” says Michael, who is MJ Logistics’ Operations Director.

Not long after his fact-finding mission began, Michael attended the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show and found a familiar face manning the Krueger stand – David Welldon, representing Krueger’s Queensland dealership. “I’ve known David for many years throughout his ventures in the transport market,” he says. “He is very knowledgeable about the industry up here and our operational needs in particular; and he understands that you need stateoftheart technology to succeed in the beverage industry.”

In Brisbane, David introduced Michael to the Lock’n’Load Kurtainer, a tri-axle drop deck model equipped with Krueger’s auto buckleless curtain system. But instead of trying to finalise the order on the spot, David offered Michael what turned out to be a deal-clinching move. “To get a better feel for what we wanted, he said we could trial the drop deck curtain-sider on show,” Michael explains.

“Once the show had ended, we took the demo trailer and put it directly into operation. We had that trailer for over a week, which gave us enough time to gather enough data to make an informed decision. I suppose it was one of those ‘right place, right time’ situations, which ultimately sealed the deal.”

In December, Krueger completed MJ Logistics order of the three Kurtainers, all of which went straight into service the moment they arrived on site. “In our line of work, we can’t afford to waste time,” Michael adds. “Krueger’s fast lead time made the purchase even more worry-free. They delivered all the equipment specced top to bottom, even with the Schweppes logo on the curtains.”

Each of MJ Logistics’ three new curtainsiders measures 45 feet in length and comes with a mezzanine floor. In addition, the trailers come complete with Krueger’s innovative Lock’n’Load load buckleless automatic curtain system. The key feature of the system is its air-operated, modular design, making for a quick and simple operation. In addition, lightweight, high-strength carbon fibre sections are integrated directly into the curtain structure – eliminating the need for side gates, load binders and gate barriers. According to Michael, it is one of the “safest systems in the market” and will lift safety standards across the fleet.

In addition, Krueger used alloy to construct the trailer flooring, which Michael says has reduced the weight by as much as half a tonne. “We now have one of the most efficient trailers on the market: We can load up to 30 pallets or 28 tonnes per combination. This will give us a competitive advantage in the market and we intend to have these trailers operating at full capacity over a long period of time.”

According to MJ Logistics, the level of service they received on this first-time purchase opens up the possibility for more Kurtainers to join the fleet. “That’s why using Krueger’s demo trailer was so crucial.It was only one week, but that was enough for us to understand exactly what we were getting and that’s all you can ask for as a customer.”