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No Reason To Go Elsewhere

Brian Winklemann, Managing Director of Victorian-based Hopper Transport, is a creature of habit and not shy in expressing wh y he keeps coming back to Krueger Transport Equipment. “I’d rather bleed for my clients than deliver them anything less than top notch service, and Krueger share that same approach wh en dealing with me.” To manage the growing workload at Hopper Transport’s Sydney freight terminal, the company has recently purchased four Krueger B-double curtain-sider sets that travel to Brisbane and Perth.

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, each trailer has been custom-built to suit the freight it has to carry and the route it is travelling on. “When I established Hopper Transport in 1984, I didn’t want to be one of those freight operators who only transport general goods around Australia, I wanted it to appeal to other businesses too that need specialised deliveries,” Brian says. “That’s why all our equipment has to be able to accommodate both kinds of work.”

As of February, all four combinations have gone straight into service to complement the company’s fleet of 60 trailers stationed in the Sydney suburb of Revesby, some kilometres southwest of the Sydney central business district.

To suit the ‘general freight’ side of the job, all trailers are specced for side loading purposes and fitted with lightweight axle and suspension systems and DataTrac hub-odometers that monitor the entire transportation process. The trailer has a length of 7.4 metres at the front and 13.5 metres at the rear.This allows us to carry a combined weight of 33.5 tonne in every sets,” Brian says – pointing out that each trailer can boast a range of special features tailored to suit a specific freight task. Of the four new Krueger B-doubles, two sets are set up as standard drop decks over the length of the combination. The other two sets consist of a flat A-trailer and a drop deck , fitted with mezzanine floors at the rear. “Every trailer was designed for a specific job while still being able to provide the high degree of flexibility that is necessary in the transport game,” Brian adds.

The flat A-trailers, for instance, are tailored to suit a contract with B&D Australia and Steel Line. “B&D Australia and Steel Line are two of our major clients. As both specialise in manufacturing doors, I had Krueger build two flat deck A-trailers that are longer than the standard build,” Brian explains.

“Those special A-trailers are used on our Sydney-Brisbane-Melbourne express route to handle the doors, while the drop deck trailers at the rear carry soft drinks, plastic materials, furniture and office supplies. This is why we chose the mezzanine floor design to be able to fit and secure as much load is as possible in either direction.

“The other two drop deck curtain-sider sets are used strictly for palletised freight which includes mining and oil equipment for clients in Perth. Those two sets allow us to load as much as 20 pallets in the front and 40 in the rear, which is exactly what we need.”

Even though each Krueger trailer addresses the special criteria Brian outlined, he says the trust he has built with the Krueger family over the years is even more important than the product itself.

“I’ve dealt with Krueger for more than 18 years, and they have not disappointed me once even if they are based in Melbourne.”

“I’ve been very fortunate in my industry that I haven’t had to hunt for projects, as most of the work has come to us simply by word of mouth,” “It sounds quite elementary, but it is the trust you build with the person that sells it to you that matters most. If you can build great rapport with that person, then the product will take care of itself,” Brian says.

“I’ve dealt with Krueger for more than 18 years, and they have not disappointed me once even if they are based in Melbourne. In fact, my fleet is based on Krueger equipment since day one. It all started with a combination of rigids, flat decks and dog trailers.”

As Hopper’s workload is growing by the week, the need for transport equipment that is both versatile and product-specific at the same time is bound to grow too, says Brian. “I’ve been very fortunate in my industry that I haven’t had to hunt for projects, as most of the work has come to us simply by word of mouth,” he says. “To me this is a sign that strengthening the relationships with your partners over the years pays off, because in the commercial transport industry ‘word-of-mouth’ and ‘reputation’ are very powerful tools.

“It’s a big reason why the Krueger partnership has flourished so well and will remain at the top of my list as a company I can rely on. They know my clients’ products, what I require and they just go out and build me the trailers that best suit those specifications.”