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Load Restraint

What is Load Restraint?

The safe loading of vehicles is crucial in preventing injury to road users and damage to property. There are huge economic savings to the community if the delivery arrives at its destination intact. The transport of commercial loads by heavy vehicles on the roads is governed by the Road Transport (Mass Loading and Access) Regulation 2005.

Load restraint equipment is thus a very important aspect pertaining to the safe transportation of freight by semi-trailers. Australia has a guide that is a valuable resource that helps reduce road fatalities, road trauma and escalating traffic congestion. There are many Government regulations and standards for such systems, designed to ensure that the freight carried by a semi-trailer is restrained correctly, for the health and safety of the motoring public. Krueger offers a range of high quality and relevant equipment which depend on the type of freight carried, its requirements for protection from the elements, and the overall weight.

Why Load Restraint?

Please note that rope is not effective for restraining loads. Even though a rope might feel tight the amount of tension in it is actually very low There is often a greater chance of losing a delivery when braking at low speed than at high speed as it is easier for the brakes to grab at low speed A heavy consignment can come off just as often as a light one. The same ‘g’ forces are acting on both

Restraint Systems

There are several load restraint systems available to ensure road safety:

Curtain Siders

Curtain siders are well suited for the transportation of general palletised freight, which needs protection from the elements. Curtain siders are engineered to maximise productivity through low tear features and effective restraint mechanisms. There are two models of curtain siders: the drop deck chassis and the straight chassis with many other options to choose from.

Restraint Options

Curtain sider semi trailers have several options available, to suit the specific freight requirements. Specifically, Curtains and Slide-a-Gates are excellent solutions.

Load Restraint Curtain

This groundbreaking design improves freight containment whilst dispensing with the load shift. Rigorous testing with single pallets & double stacked pallets means that government requirements are exceeded for side load. The benefit therefore is no gates are required and strapping down the delivery with load binders is not compulsory for uniform pallet cargo.

Case study

The Krueger Buckle Less Load Restraint Curtain features:

  • Restraint rated to comply with NTC guidelines
  • Lightweight, high strength, carbon fibre section integrated into curtain structure
  • Contains and prevents shift


  • No side gates or gate carriers required
  • No binders required or curtain buckles needed
  • Quicker turnaround times – improved productivity
  • Key Guidelines when using this equipment
  • Ensure you use quality equipment
  • Only drive a vehicle appropriate for the consignment you are delivering
  • Position the load correctly to ensure stability of the vehicle

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