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It’s A Two-way Street

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It’s A Two-way Street

Just a little over a decade has passed since Cranstons entered the transport market with just one truck to its name. Today, the New South Wales-based company is a successful business on the verge of rolling out its first-ever new B-double curtain-sider built by Krueger.

When Brett Cranston, Managing Director of Cranstons, established the company in 2003, he did so fuelled by a passion and desire to excel in an industry that he was exposed to at an early age. “My father was in transport, so I basically grew up in trucks. However ‘Da’ sold his truck when I was too young to hold a licence,” he recalls. “When I became a young owner-driver, my goal was always to run my own business and I was lucky enough to get that opportunity. Like every family business in the transport industry, I started off with one truck and it grew from there.”

Today, Cranstons Transport services up to 10 major clients hauling a wide range of materials – including general freight, timber, beverages, alcohol, oil products and tyres. As a result, what started out as just a small business in Bathurst soon expanded. “After establishing Cranstons, I began looking at developing other projects, and in 2011, I started my own tyre distribution outlet called Kelso Truck Tyre & Mechanical as a separate company,” he explains. The opening of Brett’s new business couldn’t come at a better time, with the Kelso name attracting the attention of Krueger.

“Entering into a business partnership has been a real boon for both companies as we have strengthened Krueger’s presence in NSW, and in turn they support us.”

“Krueger came to us with a proposal to represent their spare parts division in central NSW,” he says. “I was very humbled by the fact our small business had gotten noticed by such a well-known transport equipment builder. Before long, we had become an authorised spare parts dealer for Krueger. “In addition, we also became an authorised repairer for Krueger as our Bathurst site has a workshop large enough to accommodate their trailers. It also happened to be the first time I had entered into a business partnership, and it’s been a real boon for both companies as we have strengthened Krueger’s presence in NSW, and in turn they support us.”

That support reached another level at the beginning of 2014, when Brett placed an order for two brand new B-double sets of Krueger’s popular ‘Kurtainer’ curtain-siders – a first for Cranstons. “In the past, we would purchase second-hand curtain-siders for the fleet, but since we had established a great working relationship with Krueger, it made more sense to purchase new equipment altogether.”

According to Brett, the two new 26m B-double Kurtainers – scheduled to go into service in May – will give Cranstons a distinct advantage in that it can carry up to 34 pallets of freight (12 in the lead and 22 in the B-trailer) with greater efficiency. “The trailer is lightweight and engineered to maximise our diverse freight requirements,” he says.

The B-doubles’ load restraint curtains are constructed of a lightweight, high strength material that includes carbon fibre sections integrated into the main structure. “The way Krueger builds its curtains really helps us maximise freight containment, while eliminating load shift,” Brett says, revealing the all curtains will also be coated in Cranstons’ ‘voodoo blue’ colour scheme.

According to Brett, the increased attention to safety in the new B-doubles will ultimately improve driver productivity as well. “From an OH&S and performance point of view, the amount of detail Krueger puts in to making the curtains as risk-free as possible will make it easier for our guys to open and close them over the course of a day,” he adds.

“Our drivers are likely to use these curtains three to four times a day, so the fact that they can simply roll them back and forth will hopefully avoid any long term injuries to their hands and shoulders.”

When quizzed on whether purchasing new equipment from Krueger is the way to go, Brett simply has this to say. “We were already using Krueger second-hand curtain-siders well before we established the partnership, and we found that they’re simply well-built, durable and reliable over the long haul. We’re still using those trailers as we speak, but the new equipment will only bolster our operation even more. At the end of the day, we’re helping them and they’re helping us – everybody wins.”

“The trailer is lightweight and engineered to maximise our diverse freight requirements.”