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History of Innovation

As Australia’s top semi trailer manufacturer, Krueger leads the transport industry in the innovation of semi trailer solutions. Our experience in technical development and manufacturing has led to the manufacturing of extremely versatile semi trailers with a unique range of features. Examples of Krueger’s innovation for the freight transport industry follow:

EZI Auto Deck (Auto Self Locking Deck)

Newly Designed EZI Auto Deck (Auto Self Locking Deck). This innovative solution is simple to use as shown in the video, and combined with many of Kruegers other innovations (Self Lifting Gates, Lock N Load Buckle-less Load Restraints and Slide-A-Gate Load Restraints) is testament to our OH&S Safety initiatives.

Lock N Load (Buckle-less Load Restrain Curtain)

Newly Designed Lock n Load Buckle Less Air Operated (Load Restraint Rated) Automatic Curtain system. This innovative design is a simple push button operation that will provide the operator with a huge productivity increase while reducing OH & S issues & most importantly it complies with the NTC Load Restraint Guidelines.

Load Restraint Curtain

Krueger developed the load restraint curtain to improve freight containment with this unique design that eliminates load shift without the need for conventional gates. It is constructed using lightweight, high strength materials with carbon fibre sections integrated into the curtain structure. It has been fully tested with single pallets & double stacked pallets and meets and exceeds the government requirements for side load restraint which means strapping down the load with loadbinders is optional for uniform pallet cargo.

Sliding Mezzanine Post

Newly Designed Sliding Mezzanine Deck Posts. This multi purpose innovative design allows a drop deck trailer to be converted into a straight deck trailer & gives you the flexibility to top load freight on mezzanine floors & then easily convert trailer to load full length freight. This simple & easy to operated system gives you two trailers in one.

Slide-a-Gate (Alloy Lined)

Utilised as a reverse logistics solution for Woolworths in 2008, the Slide-a-Gate has changed the way freight is carried for the supermarket chain. With today’s high fuel costs, this alternative freight carrying solution offers greater productivity and efficiencies. The Slide-a-Gate allows both palletised freight and roll cages to be rear dock loaded, as it forms a solid wall with no gaps which is pallet jack and forklift-friendly. The innovation is also load restraint rated and incorporates a load restraint system internally for restraining roll cages. The Slide-a-Gate allows reverse logistics, so that freight can be unloaded and loaded through the side of the trailer as well as the rear.

Slide-a-Gate Load Restraint System (Patented)

In the interest of safety, Krueger designed and developed the Slide-a-Gate patented system. This system eliminates the time, effort and OH&S issues associated with removing the trailer’s side gates during unloading and replacing them once the freight is loaded. The Slide-a-Gate system is also load restraint rated up to 27 tonne payload, on a typical 45′ curtain sider.

Prairie Wagon

Since the release of the original Prairie Wagon, Krueger launched a Mark II Model in 2004, which offers further productivity gains. This newer design includes inverted tie down lashing rails, along the full length of the trailer. This benefit allows the operator to carry freight two pallets wide, which effectively doubles the trailer’s productivity, by allowing cartage of all types of palletized cargo to the legal maximum capacity.

Ultra-Low-Neck Skeletal

This was developed and built for Toll SPD in 2003, with requirements for their fleet to be adaptable to carry 20’, 40’ and 48’ containers and operate at the current 4.3 metre overall height. To accommodate the 10-6’ container height, the already low profile Krueger skeletal gooseneck design had to be further reduced to produce the ultra-low-neck skeletal.

Convertible Kurtainer – an Australian first!

The trailer’s ‘convertible’ action allows the entire roof section to raise and lower in one smooth parallel movement. This trailer can operate at 4.3m or 4.6m, which effectively allows customers to carry the maximum cubic capacity one way and maximum payload on the return trip.

Double Flush Back B Double Roll Back Skeletal

This lead trailer was developed in 1997 to give operators flexible loading positions, with the advantage of dock loading or unloading the 1×20′ ISO container. It can move a container to the ‘rear end loading’ position, without the need of forklifts, when two heavy 6.1 metre containers are carried. The lead trailer offers a dual container carrying position, to allow for a 25 tonne, 12.2 metre container to be carried on the back trailer, ensuring that the maximum legal axle loading capacity is achieved over the entire B-Double.

RFS Suspension – Australian Owned and Designed

The Road Friendly Suspension was developed by Krueger, specifically designed and built for Australian operating conditions. This low tare weight air suspension features the ‘easy adjustable alignment’, enabling wheel alignments to be adjusted in minutes. The suspension also suits any brand of axle and has many low tare features, which match or are even better than any competing products.

Patented Curtain Seal

This breakthrough in freight protection offers greater freight protection against water and dust entering between the curtain and pelmet rubbers. Test results clearly show that curtains fitted with the patented seal have a 100 per cent reduced amount of water entering through the side curtain during bad weather conditions.

Super B Double Skeletal 1994 – A World First

Built for E.A. Rocke, the Krueger Super B Double is capable of transporting 2 x 40’ or 4 x 20’ ISO containers, with a maximum payload of up to 109 tonnes. E.A. Rocke and Krueger made transport history with the release of the world’s first quad axle super B Double.

Sliding Side Post

The sliding side post was developed back in 1987, to improve the side opening on curtain siders, offering the flexibility to slide the posts to either end of the vehicle. Previously, all side posts were fixed and could only hinge or pivot outwards.

Folding Twistlock Pedestal

The folding twistlock pedestal was first introduced in 1985 on the 40′ retractable skeletals, offering the flexibility to carry a 1×40′ container and also dock load a 1×20′ container carried in the centre of the trailer. The folding twistlock pedestal simply folds out of the way, allowing the sub frame to retract forwards, giving complete access to the 1×20′ centre container.

Retractable Skeletal

The Retractable Skeletal was developed by Krueger back in 1984, in an effort to allow operators to carry heavy containers without exceeding the maximum allowable capacity over the suspension, whilst giving them total flexibility in sliding the suspension forward and dock loading the container.

Twistlock Raiser Block

Krueger developed the Twistlock raiser block in 1979, to offer a flush floor and to allow pallets to be loaded two-wide. Prior to the development of a Twistlock raiser block, the Twistlock was exposed above the floor level and restricted the usable amount of floor space on the trailer.


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