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Freight Trailer

The Road Freight Transport industry is concerned with the transportation of cargo by road, usually in trucks, by freight trailers. There are essentially two types of road freight transport operations in Australia: Ancillary operations are the “in-house” freight divisions of a company, whereas “hire and reward” operators are separate businesses, contracted by companies to handle any freight needs that arise. There are many types of freight trailers on the market for these purposes.

Primary activities include:

  • Long haulage service
  • Road freight transport service
  • Furniture removal service
  • Road vehicle towing
  • Truck hire service

Road Freight Transport is used throughout Australia, transporting goods to almost every region in the country. Here at Krueger we offer a Quality Range of Drop Deck/ Flat Top Trailers, which are ideal for the transportation of general freight as well as odd, bulky items such as machinery, steel and agricultural products. A good example of a freight trailers is the 2012 Krueger Drop Deck, which comes with a 5″ RSJ, Airbag or Spring Suspension. You may also select a Road Train, Twistlocks or choice of colour.

Case study

Krueger’s Prairie Wagon Semi Trailer is one of the most cost effective and versatile solutions in the industry. The Prairie Wagon Semi Trailer is ideal for the transport of a range of different freight, including steel coils, timber, paper reels and more. It is a perfect freight trailer solution.


  • More weight savings; utilising lightweight aluminium components, to allow for maximum payloads.
  • More flexibility; with the addition of the automatically operated extendable rear wall.
  • More variety; ideally suited to the transport of most freight.
  • More convenience; available as either an A & B combination, or as a single rear trailer.
  • More productivity; access to the load in minutes, due to the concertina curtain design and ‘Easy Glide’ roller.
  • More fuel savings; the full length wind bubble and unique curtain tensioning ratchet, ensures minimal wind drag.


  • Aluminium Extruded Floor
  • Aluminium Wheels
  • Aluminium Scissor Bows
  • Rear Doors
  • Pneumatic Controlled Retractable Rear Frame
  • Retract-a-Steps


There are various models of drop deck or flat top trailers, which are utilised for different freight requirements.

Flat Tops:

  • 41′ Flat Top
  • 45′ Flat Top
  • 45′ Flat Top
  • 45′ Flat Top
  • 24′ ‘A’ Lead Flat Top
  • 44’6″ ‘B’ Rear Flat Top

Extendable Flat Top

Drop Decks:

  • 41′ Drop Deck
  • 45′ Drop Deck
  • 48′ Drop Deck
  • 53′ Drop Deck
  • 24′ ‘A’ Lead Drop Deck
  • 44’6″ ‘B’ Rear Drop Deck

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